At our Masses on the weekend of May 6 & 7 you may have heard the latest news regarding the On Mission for the Church Alive! planning process involving St. Louise parish. Some details for the proposed parish grouping involving St. Louise and St. Joan of Arc, Library are printed on the facing page of the bulletin. The next few weeks are a final opportunity for our parish to offer feedback on this proposal for a future parish involving both St. Louise and St. Joan. I and the members of our parish On Mission team are very hopeful that this is a good pairing of existing parishes, and that we will be able to work together in building an even stronger and more vibrant church community. Please take a moment to look at the overview of this proposed parish grouping, and please give us your feedback, either using the online survey or completing a written feedback form (as explained below).

Proposed Parish Grouping

St. Joan of Arc, Library

St. Louise de Marillac, Upper Saint Clair

The proposed grouping for our parish has been refined since the preliminary draft model that was shared last Fall, having taken into consideration a proposed model offered by the St. Louise de Marillac On Mission team, and some particular concerns by the St. Joan of Arc On Mission team regarding maintaining a strong presence of the Church in South Park Township.

A brief overview of combined statistics for our two parishes suggests a community which includes about 3,400 weekly Mass-goers (based on 2016 October counts) and 13,900 registered parishioners. The proposed new parish would continue to use both parish campuses and would initially be assigned 3 priests in 2018. In the future as fewer priests are available, it is projected that 2 priests would be assigned to this parish by the year 2025.

Additional refinement of parish groupings may take place based on feedback gathered by our parish On Mission teams.


The implementation of the On Mission for The Church Alive! planning initiative in parishes will take place in phases:

Spring 2018 – Bishop Zubik will announce all priest and deacon assignments along with final parish groupings and number of Masses.

Fall 2018 – Implementation begins with parishes organized in three categories. Clergy assignments will be effective at this time.

  • Category A will include parishes that will come together within one year of the announcement due to serious financial or demographic issues or because they have indicated a readiness to proceed.
  • Category B will include the majority of parishes. They will come together in one to three years of the announcement.
  • Category C will include larger parishes. They will come together in three to five years of the announcement

*Please note, parish groupings will be assigned to categories at the time the final decisions are announced.

Pastors of the new parish groupings will be given blueprints, guidelines to assist in bringing parishes together. that will include things like:

  • how the staff can best serve the needs of the parish grouping
  • a process for combining parish pastoral and finance councils
  • development of common ministry programs
  • a timeline for creating the new parish

Blueprints will allow the pastor to evaluate the needs of the parishes, build relationships with parishioners and customize plans to the local situation.

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