2015-2016 Annual Report PictureThis past year has been one in which St. Louise Parish has continued to know the Lord’s blessings.  Our parish family has grown through the addition of a number of new families, our school and religious education programs continue to thrive, and our parishioners’ generous sharing of their time, treasure and talent have served to make Christ present to people in countless ways.

Thank you for helping us to further our parish mission this past year through your financial support.  You come to the church for some of the biggest moments of your life.  We baptize your children, bury your family members, anoint you when you are sick, distribute Communion, hear your confessions, and celebrate Mass with you.  Your gift is extremely important because it provides immediate resources to allow us operate the parish.  We exist to serve you and your loved ones.  Your donations also help us touch the lives of thousands of others as well.  Every day your donations ensure that our parish continues to be a vibrant and welcoming community.

Should you have any questions regarding giving opportunities at St. Louise, please feel free to contact Lisa Osterhaus, our parish Director of Stewardship, at (412) 833-1010.

2015-2016 Annual Report 

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